Tuberous breast reconstruction

Tuberous, or tubular breasts often occur during puberty. The severity of this developmental condition varies from patient to patient, however tuberous breasts are mostly characterised by enlarged and swollen nipples, asymmetry, a high breast crease and a narrow base of the breast. The appearance of tuberous breasts can have profound effects on both emotional and physical wellbeing, however surgery can significantly improve the appearance of the breast.



Op Time

3 hours

Hospital Stay

1 night


4 weeks


Am I A Suitable Candidate For Tuberous Breast Correction?

 Tuberous breasts appear differently in each person, however if you present with the following characteristics, you may be a suitable candidate for surgery:

  • Elongated, tubular shaped breasts
  • Bulging and enlarged nipples
  • High breast crease
  • Asymmetry
  • Constricted base of the breast

It is important to note that for all cosmetic procedures you must be a healthy weight, have realistic expectations and if you do smoke must quit for at least a month before and after surgery. Procedure specific eligibility will be discussed with you in full during consultation.

What Happens During Tuberous Breast Correction?

Corrective surgery is a highly technical and individual procedure which combines elements of breast enlargement surgery and reconstruction techniques. Your surgeon will release constricted tissue and reduce the bulging tissue around the nipple. The breasts will then be enlarged using an implant which is inserted either through the nipple or the natural fold of the breast. 

This is not a straightforward procedure, it is essential that you seek a surgeon who is well practiced in this treatment.

What To Expect After Surgery

Modern technique and surgical expertise means that tuberous breast correction often produces excellent results. The full effects of the surgery are usually visible around three months post-operatively. In the immediate days after surgery you will be prescribed pain relief but will soon be able to resume light activities. It is important to listen to your body- if you experience any pain whilst doing something you should rest straightaway.

How Long Will The Results Of Tuberous Breast Correction Last?

Once the procedure has been performed your breasts will maintain their new shape and size long into future. Your breasts will only change in response to fluctuations in weight- if you maintain a healthy size through diet and exercise, the effects of your surgery will be stable and long lasting. 

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