Implant removal & replacement

Surgery isn’t without complication, revision treatment could be needed simply because of implant deterioration over time or capsular contracture. However, in many cases it is down to poor surgical technique from cheap surgery. In such cases, a critical assessment of the breast tissue is required to help predict the likely outcome with further surgery. Such meticulous attention to detail is often only gained from a cosmetic and reconstructive background as together they work to restore form and aesthetic.



Op Time

2-3 hours

Hospital Stay

2 nights


2-6 weeks


Am I A Suitable Candidate For Implant Removal And Replacement?

Most patients who seek implant removal and replacement do so for the following reasons: 

  • Dissatisfied with shape and/or size
  • The implants are distorted, often riding unnaturally high
  • The implant has ruptured or leaked
  • Hardened and painful breast tissue due to capsular contracture

If you would like to replace your implants for any of these reasons it is important to seek advice and arrange a consultation to discuss the surgical options available to you.

What Happens During Implant Removal And Replacement?

This procedure is essentially very similar to breast enlargement and in most cases your surgeon will use the existing scar as an exit and entry point for the implant. 

 – Removal Only

If your previous implants were particularly large and you do not want replacement implants, it is important to keep in mind that you will most likely have excess skin once the implants are removed. In this case a breast uplift may be required to restore fullness. Having said this, the skin usually retracts fairly well following implant removal.

 – Removal and Replacement

If your implants have displaced this may be because the implant was incorrectly positioned below the muscle. If the implant is being held in an unnaturally high position, placing the implant in front of the muscle will make the appearance more natural.

If the implant is already in front of the muscle and you can feel the edges of the implant through the skin, you could discuss moving the implant behind the muscle to gain extra coverage so the implant isn’t visible.

If there are no complications and you just seek a replacement because you are unhappy with the size or shape, your surgeon will likely use the same pocket created by the original implant.

 – Capsulectomy

If the breast tissue has hardened, this type of surgery will involve total removal of the internal scar around the implant which will prevent the scar reforming on the new one. 

What Should I Expect After Having An Implant Removal And Replacement?

If your implant is replaced using the same pocket as the previous breast enlargement procedure, this will mean a shorter recovery time and less pain as your skin has already stretched to accommodate the implant. However if the position of the implant is altered, the downtime and discomfort is comparable to that of a normal breast enlargement procedure.

How Long Do The Effects Of Surgery Last?

It is highly recommended that you maintain your weight through exercise and a balanced diet as fluctuations in weight will affect your breasts in the same way it does the rest of your physique. Surgery does slow down the ageing process but eventually your breasts will be affected by the natural pull of gravity. This occurs at a considerably lower rate than had you not had the surgery in the first place. Regulating your weight will help to maintain the effects of surgery long into the future.

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