Arm Lift

A brachioplasty, commonly known as an arm lift, is a procedure designed to remove excess, saggy skin in the upper arm region. Loose and pendulous tissue can be caused by age, uneven fat distribution or repeated periods of weight loss and weight gain. These problems have two surgical solutions: skin excision and liposuction. A brachioplasty is an extremely rewarding procedure as it often produces a contoured definition which often cannot be achieved through exercise and diet.



Op Time

2-3 hours

Hospital Stay

1 night


4-6 weeks


Am I A Suitable Candidate For An Arm Lift? 

There are a number of different techniques which can be used to treat excess skin. Much will depend on your fat distribution and will require detailed surgical planning to ensure the best result. Most people will have a combination of empty skin and small pockets of localised fat which can’t be eradicated with diet or exercise. Primarily an arm lift is ideal for patients who have empty tissue which doesn’t respond to diet or exercise. Alternatively, if the area is mainly fatty tissue and the skin tone is firm and elastic, liposuction is a good option.

What Happens During An Arm Lift?

After careful assessment your surgeon will measure how much fat and skin will need to be removed. The treatments broadly fit into three categories:

 – Liposuction

Liposuction on its own is usually better suited to younger patients who have robust skin. Small and discreet incisions are made in the elbow and armpit so that your surgeon can remove the fatty tissue and sculpt the arm. Your surgeon may also want to target the forearm, tail of the breast and adjacent back to prevent so called “back fat” caused by bra straps.

 – Skin Excision

On the other end of the spectrum, there are patients who just have empty and loose skin often through large weight loss. In these cases the need for liposuction is rare as patients tend to have good muscle definition and little to no fat. Skin reduction is carried out via an incision from the armpit down towards the elbow. The scar is neatly concealed in the inner aspect of the arm and only visible should you lift your arms high.

 – Liposuction and Skin Excision

It is uncommon for patients to fit definitively in the procedures above, a combination of the two is usually needed as liposuction won’t tighten the skin enough. In a standard arm lift the incision will extend from the armpit to elbow and is then stitched. The areas which need to be targeted through liposuction will be decided during consultation with your surgeon as this varies from each patient. 

What Should I Expect After Having An Arm Lift?

 Recovery time will vary but in general you should be able to return to normal activities after about two weeks. Try not to over exert yourself in the early stages of recovery as this will impede your healing process. It is advised that you avoid any heavy lifting and strenuous activity during this time. Your aftercare and recovery plan will be discussed with you extensively throughout the consultation process and tailored to your unique needs.

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