Brow lift

A brow lift, or forehead lift reduces wrinkles and raises heavy eyebrows by lifting and tightening the deeper supportive layers of tissue. Your surgeon will use one of two techniques to achieve this, the type you choose will depend on the degree of lift needed to successfully address the extent of furrowing or heavy brows.



Op Time

2-3 hours

Hospital Stay

Daycase/1 night


2-3 weeks


Am I a suitable candidate for a brow lift?

A brow lift is suitable for any aged patient with a low or heavily lined brow. However it is more common to see patients aged between 40-60 seek this type of treatment.

You must be fit and well before undergoing any surgical procedure.

What happens during a brow lift?

During traditional surgery, a horizontal incision is made across the scalp. Any resultant scarring will be neatly hidden in the natural hair line. The surgeon then removes excess skin and shortens the muscles which lifts the eyebrows.

Alternatively your surgeon may be able to use an endoscope (a fibre-optic instrument with a minute camera) for keyhole surgery. This minimally invasive technique uses stab incisions behind the hairline, which will give your surgeon better access to the tissues. The use of an endoscope maximises precision and control allowing your surgeon to tighten the brow at a deeper level. As this is a local anaesthetic procedure you will be able to go home the same day.

What should I expect after having a brow lift?

It is likely that you will experience some soreness around the incision points for a few weeks after surgery, maybe even some itching. Bruising and swelling is also to be expected but will resolve in under two weeks. In most cases it is likely that you will be able to resume normal activities after a week to ten days, perhaps even sooner after an endoscopic brow lift. During recovery you should not experience much, if any discomfort.

How long do the effects of surgery last?

It is not uncommon to undergo repeat brow lift surgeries to re-tighten the underlying musculature. The brow has a particular tendency to continue its descent, however the brow will take much longer to respond to the pull of gravity should you not have had surgery in the first place. If you do not wish to have repeat surgery, skilled surgeons can very effectively combine Botox, fillers and fat grafting to maintain the results of surgery.

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