Breast asymmetry

Every pair of breasts will demonstrate a degree of asymmetry which is totally natural. In most women the extent of asymmetry is imperceptible, however in more extreme cases the difference can be significant and cause great distress on a personal and physical level. There are a number of different procedures which can successfully rebalance uneven breasts for those who feel insecure about their shape.


What Does Surgery Involve?

The aim of corrective surgery is to make the breasts equal in terms of tissue and skin. Depending on the size of your breasts and the look you would like to achieve, balance can be created by making the breast larger on one side or smaller on the other. Therefore this can be achieved by a breast enlargement with lifting or reduction techniques on the other.

This can be explained as:

  • Enlargement of the smaller breast via an implant to match the larger breast.
  • Reduction of the larger breast using remodelling techniques to mirror the smaller breast.
  • If both breasts are small, different sized implants in each breast can be used to achieve symmetry.

In reality surgery usually consists of a combination of the procedures mentioned above. If the smaller breast requires an implant, the other larger breast will usually require a small lift to match the new look of the enlarged breast. If both breasts are large and unequal, the larger side can be reduced and lifted to match the smaller breast on the other side.  

Correcting breast asymmetry is nuanced and dependent on the individuals physiology. Each woman will require personalised surgery and therefore needs to be treated on an individual basis.


As a combination of procedures will likely be needed, the exact length of the procedure hospital stay and recovery time will be fully discussed during the consultative period.

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