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Breast Reconstruction – Sarah B

After a diagnosis of triple-negative breast cancer in 2016, Sarah began her battle. With a history of the disease in the family, when she became ill in the January of that year, Sarah felt compelled to visit her GP. The mammogram detected a mass and further test results showed that she carried the faulty BRAC1 gene. Despite this diagnosis, Sarah’s attitude remained defiant and one of ‘I will not let cancer beat me’.

Following her diagnosis Sarah chose to have a bilateral mastectomy and immediate reconstruction with implants. As triple-negative breast cancer is particularly aggressive it is treated with a combination of therapies such as surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. This treatment pathway seemed like the most efficient option to draw a line under the whole ordeal and live a normal life again. However after considerable difficulty with her body rejecting the implants, Sarah sought Simons help.

“I wish I had waited a lot longer before making my decision. I had all the wrong reasons for choosing immediate reconstruction, I just wanted to go back to the gym and back to work without anyone knowing I even had cancer. It was a rushed choice which compromised my emotional and physical well-being. The implant rejection was traumatising and distorted my body. But I have moved on from that now and am enjoying the results of Simons reconstruction! The surgery really has changed my life, I never thought I would look normal ever again.

“From the moment I met Mr. Mackey I cannot fault the care I have had. He was really considerate of my husband throughout the whole thing and made time to talk to him. I can’t thank anyone enough for what they have done for me, from the lady who brought me lunch to all the nurses, they have been so lovely.

“My advice to anyone who has received a diagnosis of breast cancer is not to hide it. I didnt tell any of my colleagues because I didnt want their pity and I thought I could have the reconstruction without them knowing and come back to work like normal. I wish that I had told my colleagues earlier because they showed me such brilliant support.

“From not being able to look in the mirror and my clothes not fitting me properly I can’t thank Mr. Mackey enough for what he has made me look like now. He cared for me and my husband in totality, showed so much professionalism and creativity in the way he approached my breast reconstruction. Brilliant is all I can say.”


Sarah’s journey with Simon came to a close in 2018 and she is now living life to the full with trips to Tanzania and Zanzibar planned.

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