Ear Pinning

For anyone unhappy with protruding ears, ear pinning or pinnaplasty surgery is an effective and long-lasting solution which will improve the proportion of your ears and improve levels of self-esteem and confidence.



Op Time

1-2 hours

Hospital Stay



1 week


Am I a suitable candidate for Ear Pinning?

If you lack confidence as a result of prominent ears, you could be a suitable candidate for surgery. Ear pinning is a brilliant procedure and is well known for the positive effect it has on self-esteem.

What happens during Ear Pinning?

This is a relatively straight forward procedure which involves your surgeon making a cut down the back of your ears. The cartilage is then trimmed or folded using fine stitches if appropriate.

The operation produces a curved scar behind the ear that heals well and fades to a barely noticeable sliver after a few months.

What should I expect after having My Ears Pinned Back?

As this procedure is very straightforward, the risk of complications in minimal. It is possible that you will experience some nausea from the anaesthetic and a little bruising but this will resolve in a matter of days. You should be back to normal within a week.

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