Breast uplift

Breast uplift surgery is a very effective treatment for breasts which are affected by age, the natural pull of gravity, weight fluctuations and pregnancy. By removing excess skin, a breast uplift aims to remodel the tissue to create full and shapely breasts. Unlike a breast reduction, this procedure does not intend to alter the size of the breasts. A breast uplift can however be combined with a breast enlargement or a breast reduction to achieve the desired aesthetic.



Op Time

2-3 hours

Hospital Stay

2 nights


2-6 weeks


What Happens During Breast Uplift Surgery? 

There are different types of incisions used in breast uplift surgery, however the selected incision will depend on your shape and the degree of uplift desired. The most common technique used during surgery creates an anchor shaped scar from incisions around the nipple and vertically under the breast. The extra skin is then removed and reshaped into a tighter cone of tissue. Finally the nipple is repositioned higher up on the chest wall. Combined, this will give the breast a more youthful and firm appearance.

If you would like your breasts to be fuller above the nipples, a breast enlargement can be incorporated into the procedure. Similarly if you suffer from overly large as well as droopy breasts, a breast reduction can be combined with a breast uplift.

Am I A Suitable Candidate For Breast Uplift Surgery?

Breast uplift surgery addresses the appearance of empty looking and pendulous breasts, if your breasts are sagging in this way you could be suitable for surgery. If your breasts are sagging from excess tissue as well as empty skin you could possibly benefit from a combination of breast uplift and breast reduction surgery.

How long does it take to recover from a Breast Uplift procedure?

You should book some time off work to allow yourself to fully relax and recover. It is generally recommended that you rest for two-three weeks however if you have a reasonably sedentary job you may not need as much time off. Your surgeon will guide you in this respect.

It is important to unwind in the early stages of recovery as this will benefit your healing process. You aftercare and recovery plan will be discussed with you extensively throughout the consultation process so you can rest in the knowledge that you’re doing everything you can to assist your recovery. If you wish to exercise it is advisable to discuss this with your surgeon.

How Long Do The Effects Of Surgery Last? 

To maintain the results of surgery it is highly recommended that you maintain your weight through exercise and a balanced diet as fluctuations in weight will affect your breasts in the same way it will impact the rest of your body. Surgery cannot stop the ageing process so your breasts will eventually be effected by the natural pull of gravity however this occurs at a considerably lower rate than had you not had the surgery in the first place. The effects of surgery are long lasting and maintained even further if weight is regulated.

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