Mini Face Lift

A lower facelift focuses on lifting the cheeks, tightening the jowls and softening the nose to mouth lines. The procedure is generally more suitable for younger patients without sagging to the neck. The incision required is much shorter than a full facelift so scarring will be minimal.



Op Time

3 hours

Hospital Stay

2 nights


3 weeks


Am I a suitable candidate for a lower face lift? 

Whilst the mini facelift doesn’t produce results as dramatic as a full facelift, the procedure effectively targets the signs of ageing and acts as a preventative treatment for younger patients. As well as being less invasive, the mini facelift improves the appearance of tired and heavy skin.

What happens during a lower face lift? 

During a mini facelift, your surgeon will typically make an incision which runs from the temples down the natural crease in front of the ear. The tissues under the skin are tightened with permanent stitches which are fixed close to your cheek bones. Sometimes your surgeon will perform liposuction under your chin to “free up” excess skin for re-draping. If your neck is particularly saggy, your surgeon may need to make incisions behind your ears to correct this.

A mini-facelift is often combined with eyelid surgery or a brow lift to produce optimal results. 

What should I expect after having a lower face lift?

Bruising and swelling is to be expected for the first two weeks following surgery but most patients can usually return to work within ten to fourteen days. It is strongly advised that you avoid any strenuous activity and take plenty of rest in the first two weeks after surgery as this will help speed up the recovery process.

How long do the effects of surgery last?

The effects of surgery can last anywhere up to ten years however this does depend on your skin tone and lifestyle. If you refrain from smoking, eat well and protect your skin from the sun, the effects of surgery will be preserved and your skin will age at a much slower lower rate.

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