Face Lift

The soft tissues in our face respond to the pull of gravity in many forms. Heredity and lifestyle also play key roles in the way we age. A face lift is a term which encompasses a broad range of procedures used to target an ageing face by smoothing, streamlining and redefining problem areas.



Op Time

4 hours

Hospital Stay

2 nights


3-6 weeks


What happens during a face lift?

A full face lift rejuvenates the lower face, jawline and neck and the upper third of the face by means of a brow and eyelid lift.

The traditional full face lift usually involves an incision that begins at the temple, and curves around the ears and hairline. If you have jowls, an incision is made under the chin to correct it. The skin is then lifted and any excess trimmed away.

The resultant scarring will be hidden neatly in the hairline and the natural fold of the chin, barely perceptible to the naked eye.

What should I expect after having a face lift?

Swelling and bruising resolves itself within two-three weeks and patients can expect to return to work or begin light exercise between three-six weeks after surgery. For about a week after surgery you will still be bandaged so it is particularly important to rest during this time.

How long do the effects of surgery last?

A facelift produces dramatic results but is not invulnerable to your lifestyle or the pull of gravity. However, if you maintain a healthy weight, use sun protection, avoid smoking and drink sensibly you should be able to maintain the results of your facelift long into the future.

It is common for patients to seek Botox, fillers and other skin treatments to maintain their refreshed appearance after surgery.

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